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  • Crossdale

    The Kingdom of Crossdale

    The Kingdom of Crossdale, located on the south western peninsula of the continent of Coreal, is the trade hub for the western world.  The …

  • The Hammer and Tongs

    The Hammer & Tongs

    The Hammer & Tongs is a tavern, located just outside the slums of Crossdale.  The proprietor is a Dwarven Female named Gilda Rumblefist.  …

  • Grivel Bornhalt

    Early Years

    Grivel Bornhalt in his early years, was a stout and successful adventurer. He had traveled far and wide with his group, saving a fair few folk, gaining riches and reputation, and reveling in his youthful exuberance.

  • Gilda Rumblefist

    Gilda was raised in the clan Rumblefist's hold, learning her fathers trade of smithing. She was an good blacksmith, a passable weapons smith, but an excellent silversmith. She worked long and hard at her trade, lived life, had a family, became a widow, …