Gilda Rumblefist

Female|Dwarf|250 Y.O.|Welcoming and Bawdy


Gilda is a stout, homely Dwarven woman of about 250 years old. She has long brown hair, flecked with faint bits of gray, almost always kept up in a tight bun, with small silver clips throughout her hair. Gilda is almost always smiling, sometimes motherly, sometimes mischievously, sometimes leeringly, and sometimes down right menacingly. But always smiling. Gilda can almost always be found in her tavern the Hammer & Tongs.


Gilda was raised in the clan Rumblefist’s hold, learning her fathers trade of smithing. She was an good blacksmith, a passable weapons smith, but an excellent silversmith. She worked long and hard at her trade, lived life, had a family, became a widow, and then decided she wanted to run a tavern. She left the clan hold, and made her way around the world, finding Crossdale to her liking. Using much of her savings, she established the Hammer & Tongs, and purposed it specifically so others would have an enjoyable place to drink, but also so people to conduct business without much bother, and a fair bit of privacy.

Gilda Rumblefist

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