Grivel Bornhalt

Dwarf|Male|300 Y.O.|Gruff and Grizzled


Grivel Bornhalt is a 300 year old (or so) male dwarf, with long red hair and beard that has been generously doused with gray. He has a scar that runs from his scalp, down through a ruined, milky, left eye, and pulls his mouth into a perpetual grimace. Grivel walks with a pronounced limp, scuffing his right foot as he moves about. His demeanor is gruff and direct, but most know that he is quick to help any poor soul he sees potential in, and get them on the right path.


Early Years

Grivel Bornhalt in his early years, was a stout and successful adventurer. He had traveled far and wide with his group, saving a fair few folk, gaining riches and reputation, and reveling in his youthful exuberance.


Grivel Bornhalt retired from adventuring, settling down in Crossdale, helping the upcoming generations of adventurers. He can often be found in the Hammer and Tongs, either walking a new adventurer through their preparations for their first job, gathering groups of known associates to set them on their next job, or talking to potential clients and assessing their needs. Grivel is the go to dwarf for those with dangerous work that needs doing, and for those who wish to head out to great adventure.

Grivel Bornhalt

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